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If you can dream it, I can help you make it a reality.

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There’s always something you need help with, but the last thing you want to do is to do it all. A virtual assistant (VA) can help you stay organized, eliminate distractions and save on your time.

The help you need and so much more...

A 2019 study found that over half of small business owners felt badly overworked. I have the answer for you: Filipino virtual assistance. That is me!

Before I became a Virtual Assistant in 2017, I’ve been doing administrative support for 2 years in the corporate world. Then, I’ve provided virtual support for businesses for 5 years and marketing support for 4 years. I’ve provided invaluable virtual assistant services for my clients — check out my reviews and see for yourself!

Hiring a virtual assistant is a great move for your business. Since I work from home, I’m never late and have much more time to dedicate myself to helping you without having to commute to your office!

I really love my job as a Filipino online assistant. The success of your business is my pride and joy. So, if you find yourself with more tasks to do in a day than you can handle, that’s why I’m here to help as your personal assistant. 

Personal Assistance in any Niche...

I’ve worked with solo entrepreneurs in the UK, USA, and Australia in fields from e-commerce stores to professional psychologists. Whatever your niche is, I’m here to listen and discover how I can help you as your Filipino online assistant.

My diverse clientele has helped me learn to tailor my services to your company’s needs. I want to focus on the pet niche (I am the proud mom to 5 beautiful dogs), health and beauty, psychology, real estate, travel, education, and the ecological niche, but since I’m adaptable, I open to other niches. 

If you’re looking to hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines, you’ve come to the right place.

VA Admin Assistant tasks: Leave it to me!

As a Filipino online assistant, I do much more than just reply to emails and manage your schedule. As your personal assistant, I’m here to proactively help your business to grow. This includes:

  • Social media management
  • Producing Google Analytics reports
  • In-depth research to beat the competition
  • Project management
  • PDF creation & conversion
  • Managing and organizing shared folders
  • Business start-up tasks
  • Recruitment
  • Blog and Page Content Management
  • Email management
  • Follow-ups and reminders
  • Basic photo editing
  • And many more!

Why hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant?

I’m proud to say that Filipino virtual assistance is the best in the world, and I’m the Filipino online assistant you never knew you needed! As a virtual assistant in the Philippines, I know that my values of respect, calmness under pressure, and cheerful outlook make me a superb personal assistant. Business owners looking to hire Filipino virtual assistants can expect all of this and more with my professional virtual assistant services. 

If you’d like to work with me as your personal assistant, contact me to arrange a 30-minute Discovery call where we can discuss your business and how I can help you.

Great Rates for Filipino Virtual Assistance

My rates as an online assistant are affordable and very worthwhile for what I can bring to your business. The more help I give you, the less I charge per hour! 

If you’re looking for a personal assistant who can grow your business 20 hours per week, my prices start from $15 per hour.

For full information, see my price plan below. I offer services between 5 and 20 hours per week and if you want a package, please answer the client questionnaire form and I would be happy to respond back and discuss which plan would best suit your business’s needs.

Services offered

Administrative Assistance

I will help you to be more productive with your time, so that you can achieve your business goals and focus on what matters to you most. Whether its administrative tasks for your business, personal tasks or urgent email management; I’m here to help!

Social Media Virtual Assistance

Get social media account management assistance from a dedicated assistant. I can help you with anything from responding to customers’ direct messages or private messages, interacting your target audience, managing social media community, scheduling posts and growing your audience using organic and paid strategies.

SEO Virtual Assistance

SEO is a much-needed marketing service for the online world: supporting your business with tedious works, like keyword research, optimizing meta-tags, competitor research and optimizing content. My strength lies in my expertise in knowing how to create personalized SEO strategies and then actually executing them, making sure the right audience will reach your website.

General Marketing Admin Assistance

I will provide support for your online marketing solutions and strategies – SEO, Influencer Marketing, ORM, SMM, and CRO; I will help you manage your online presence in this digital age.

Not sure what kind of VA do you need? Answer the client questionnaire form below!

Website SEO

Increase your online presence so your potential customers can find you by using White Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies.

Youtube SEO

Make your Youtube channel and videos standout with the power of SEO.


Most frequent questions and answers

A virtual assistant is a person who provides diverse services to entrepreneurs, small businesses or even large companies from a remote location. A virtual assistant can do any number of things for you, including bookkeeping, managing calendars and emails, cold-calling, and even personal tasks like booking hotels and buying online products.

There are many reasons to consider: first, they can speak English with a neutral accent. Second, Filipinos are very accommodating, customer service is one of their best strengths. Third, you pay less than you would if you hired a virtual assistant from another country. Fourth, they deliver more than you expect. 

Hiring virtual assistants is on the rise in the Philippines. In fact, you can find them on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, and they have their own recruitment sites such as Virtual Staff Finder,, and many more. With one search of “virtual assistant companies,” Google will provide you with a list of what is available to you!

Most Filipino virtual assistants work at hourly rates or on a monthly basis (for full-time work). For hourly rates, entry-level VA usually starts between ₱400 ($7 USD) to ₱500 ($10 USD) hourly rate, and you can pay them as low as $750 USD a month for full time work. (For year 2021 survey)

The most common payment methods for paying your Filipino VAs are Paypal, Wise (formerly Transferwise), and Payoneer.


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Whatever your business is, I can analyze where I can best help at the same time as taking the stress from your workload. As your brand grows, let me take over some of your tasks so you can realize your dreams!

If you would like to hire Filipino virtual assistance and work with me, please do get in touch!

If you would like to talk about your business and how I can help you, just simply fill out the client questionnaire form below or email me at and I will respond as soon as I can. I look forward to talking to you! Have a nice day!