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I'm Kath

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I’m Kath. I’m a mom of 5 dogs, a Virtual Assistant, and an SEO Specialist with three years of experience providing business support to clients across the globe.

Let me share my freelancing journey...

I finished my degree in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management. If you ask me, Digital marketing was never taught in my university years. My first job was Purchasing Associate in a huge Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Company in the Philippines. Then, I landed in a well-known Real Estate Company, also as a Purchasing Assistant.

2 yrs later, I decided to take the risk, leave the job opportunity, and work as a freelancer. I always know that Digital Marketing is my stuff. Then, the magic happens. I got the job! I firstly arrived in email marketing when I develop and create newsletters and automation; then, the rest is history! 😉

As a freelancer, I work small to medium enterprise businesses and entrepreneurs by helping them to build up their business. My work has helped my clients to grow their business efficiently and effectively, having them focus on the BIG THINGS and me working on the SMALL THINGS.

Along with my formal education, I have enriched my knowledge and skill through the years of self-study, enrolling in paid courses online, and years of experience working with different clients with different needs and personalities.

I want this collaboration as a perfect partnership, so I have my niche, and I believe it will be the right fit for both of us.

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paid advertising certification badege

Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist

Issued April 2020, No Expiration Date


SEO certification

Certified Search Marketing Specialist

Issued April 2020, No Expiration Date


Social Media Management certification

Certified Social Media Marketing Specialist

Issued April 2020, No Expiration Date


Other certifications

Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing MASTERY by Coursenvy

How to Create a Website using WordPress by Martie Dread

SEO BOOTCAMP: Learn SEO from start! Glitchy Bot Learn

Business Niche

Pet, Health and Beauty, Psychology, Travel, Education, Environment, and Solo Entrepreneurs

I usually work on these niches. But if you are in other business niches, just contact me and see how we can work that out!

Virtual Assistant Pricing Plan


$ 25 /hour
  • 5 hours a week


$ 20 /hour
  • 10 hours a week


$ 18 /hour
  • 15-20 hours a week


$ 15 /hour
  • 30 hours a week

Other Services

Website SEO

Increase your online presence so your potential customers can find you by using White Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies.

Youtube SEO

Make your Youtube channel and videos standout with the power of SEO.


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