Pros and Cons of being an Online Freelancer

You may have encountered this article for the sole purpose of getting an idea on what journey you must partake upon undergoing the career of being an online freelancer. 

Perhaps you have come across this article to the sole purpose of mustering information. Let me tell you now that you are on the correct path. 

Knowing the journey is somewhat similar to planning what you may undergo, especially on being an online freelancer. 

In my own experience, I found the satisfaction of working online with great bliss and contentment. However, there is ,of course, the fluctuation of the seismographs. 

Working as an online freelancer is somewhat like an earthquake that has some magnitudes that you may think that you cannot control but they are easily manageable.

To know the journey that I partake, let me introduce to you the Pros and Cons of being an online freelancer.

Cons of Freelancing

1.Government-mandated benefits

Being an Online freelancer simply means that you consider yourself as self-employed. 

Bear in mind that you will have to shoulder all of the mandated benefits as you will have no employer that will take the responsibility for it. You are also responsible for your taxes.

 As a citizen, especially here in the Philippines, you will need these benefits, as their main purpose is to protect you and keep you insured just in case that any mishaps occur.

2. No office-employee benefit

This simply means that you will have no luxury of having the benefits of the office employees.

Since you are self-employed you will not receive any 13th month pay, Christmas bonus, and additional skills incentives. You are getting paid as per the rate that you have provided.

Furthermore, you are also required to invest in your own equipment. These will be your internet connection and computer device. 

It is like starting your own business, you have to provide for yourself.

3. Trusting potential clients 

You may consider this as a positive way to start your career, but there are opportunists who will require your service but will not proceed with the transaction.

This is a daunting experience of mine three years ago when I was starting off as an online freelancer. To respect and protect my client’s privacy I will not utter his/her name, however, this goes way back.

I had a client who required my service, and have agreed that I will be compensated handsomely. However, with two weeks’ worth of service and hard work, I received neither praise nor my expected compensation.

You have to be wary of these. Working from home can be stressful sometimes, but there’s nothing more stressful than looking for trustworthy clients. But you have to focus on your goal – your goal is to earn a living, build a career and get potential clients that will know your worth.

Pros of freelancing

However, these are minor setbacks and I encourage you to not be disheartened. The world of online freelancing is vast and sublime. 

Despite the negative experiences I elected to stay as I found the greatest luxury in my career.

And yes, I consider this career as a luxury. Here I will provide the pros of freelancing and why I think it is for me.

1. Flexibility or working at your own pace

I worked in a huge corporation for almost 2 years, and although it was fulfilling and can make anyone proud, it can be an issue of working at your own ability. Your employer will, of course, require you to work at the company’s pace with their schedules.

I found working as an online freelancer as the ultimate bliss of my career as I was able to have control of my own pace. I was able to attain the complete satisfaction of applying my full abilities and doing it with complete satisfaction.

2. No Drama

Working in a corporation is a great opportunity and there is no doubt about it, however working in an office can also be considered as melodramatic TV series, but without the whole film crew. There are non-stop gossip that can greatly affect your mental health. Politics in your career growth, that disrupts your ability to learn more or take it a step further.

Being a victim of corporate politics is stressful as it sounds. There are moments in which I see people who slack off work gets a raise or a promotion.

3. No Commute

It may be an easy task but being stuck in traffic, waiting for hour’s end on a public transportation is not only time consuming but it may drain you of your energy. This is especially, if you are working on a place that is too far from you, and renting is not an option.

4. More savings

Since you are not commuting and will not have to buy your lunch from the office pantry or a nearby restaurant, you will save more money by working at home. You may spend your money on groceries, and since you are not required to go out, you can remove unnecessary expenses.

If you are a parent, then it will also save you the expenses of hiring a nanny or a daycare.

For me, I found the pleasure of working online as I am more capable of performing the task all to the comfort of my own home. You might be having your second thoughts on working freelance, but like other challenges, you may get through it.

And my ultimate advice is to build the courage to perform your task. To get more tips, you may follow this page.

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