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There’s always something you need help with, but the last thing you want to do is to do it all. A virtual assistant (VA) can help you stay organized, eliminate distractions and save on your time.

The help you need and so much more...

Hiring a virtual marketing assistant is a smart move for your business. Our team works from the comfort of their homes, ensuring punctuality and freeing up more time to focus on assisting you without the hassle of commuting.

We are very passionate about our role for our clients as a Filipino online marketing assistant. Your business's success is our pride and joy. If you ever find yourself drowning in daily tasks, our team is here to provide dedicated support as your virtual marketing assistant.

Hiring a Marketing Virtual Assistant offers a multitude of benefits, including cost-efficiency as you save money compared to hiring an in-house team without the overhead of office space, equipment, or benefits.

You also gain access to specialized marketing skills and knowledge, eliminating the expense of training or hiring full-time staff. This translates into time savings as you can focus on strategic tasks while we efficiently handle day-to-day marketing operations.

You will also experience an increase in productivity by delegating time-consuming tasks, allowing you to focus more on scaling your business. We will ensure that the consistency of our marketing efforts will lead enhanced results.

Your freedom awaits

VA Marketing tasks? Leave it us!

Our dedicated marketing virtual assistant enables quick responses to market changes and trends to make sure your business stays adaptable and competitive.

If you’re looking to hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines, you’ve come to the right place.

We can do much more than just reply to emails and manage your schedule. As your personal assistant, our team of marketing virtual assistants will proactively help your business to grow. This includes:

  • Social Media Marketing and Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Website SEO
  • Youtube SEO
  • Marketing Project management
  • WordPress Website Design

In short, our team will provide support for your online marketing solutions and strategies that will help you manage your online presence in this digital age.

Services Offered

Content Marketing

Elevate your brand's online presence with our comprehensive Content Marketing solutions. We are dedicated to crafting compelling and relevant content that resonates with your target audience, driving engagement, and fostering meaningful connections.

Social Media Marketing and Management

Get social media account management assistance from a dedicated assistant. Kath can help you with anything from responding to customers’ direct messages or private messages, interacting your target audience, managing social media community, scheduling posts and growing your audience using organic and paid strategies.


SEO is a much-needed marketing service for the online world: supporting your business with tedious works, like keyword research, optimizing meta-tags, competitor research and optimizing content. Our strength lies in my expertise in knowing how to create personalized SEO strategies and then actually executing them, making sure the right audience will reach your website.

Content Repurposing

Maintaining a consistent flow of fresh content can be challenging. We will turn your existing content, into different formats. By repurposing content, we extend its lifespan, increase its reach, and help you maximize the value of your original work. Get more from your content without the need to constantly generate new material, all while enhancing your brand's authority and online footprint.

SEO project Management

We will be responsible for initiating, planning, and managing complex SEO projects/campaigns to ensure that the project is implemented successfully. With SEO project management, the goal is to ensure that the SEO campaign is being met in a timely manner.

Youtube SEO

Get your Youtube channel to grow by optimizing it for the right audience. By using the right keywords and targeting the right people, you can make your channel more visible and attractive to potential viewers. Also, monetizing your channel can help you earn passive income from your YouTube videos. 

Are you looking to outsource a specific task?
We got you!

Many businesses, from startups with limited resources to established marketing agencies looking to augment their offerings, can benefit from outsourcing specific marketing tasks. This allows you to free up your internal team to focus on core competencies while ensuring your marketing efforts are consistently executed.

Our productized marketing virtual assistant services provide a cost-effective and scalable solution. Each package targets a specific digital marketing need, whether it's social media management, email marketing campaigns, or content creation. This streamlined approach ensures you get the expertise you need without the hassle of managing a full-time marketing employee, and with the flexibility of a no-commitment, one-time service.  This is perfect for businesses who need a quick win or want to test the waters of outsourcing marketing tasks before committing to a long-term arrangement.

Why hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant?

There are many reasons to consider: first, they can speak English with a neutral accent. Second, Filipinos are very accommodating, customer service is one of their best strengths. Third, we deliver more than you expect.

I’m proud to say that Filipino virtual assistants are one of the best in the virtual world. As a virtual assistant in the Philippines, I know that our values of respect, calmness under pressure, and cheerful outlook make me a superb virtual assistant. Business owners looking to hire Filipino virtual assistants can expect all of these and more with my professional virtual assistant services.

If you’d like to work with me as your personal assistant, contact Kath to arrange a 30-minute Discovery call where we can discuss your business and how I can help you.

Delivering Exceptional Value with Filipino Virtual Assistance

We believe in providing exceptional value to our clients, even though we may not be the most budget-friendly option in the market.

Our rates as a marketing virtual assistant will make sure that that you receive quality service that is truly worth the investment for your business.

Your business's success is our priority, and we are committed to delivering value that goes beyond cost considerations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a virtual Assistant do?

A virtual assistant is a person who provides diverse services to entrepreneurs, small businesses or even large companies from a remote location. A virtual assistant can do any number of things for you, including bookkeeping, managing calendars and emails, cold-calling, and even personal tasks like booking hotels and buying online products.

Where can I find my Filipino virtual assistant?

Hiring virtual assistants is on the rise in the Philippines. In fact, you can find them on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, and they have their own recruitment sites such as Virtual Staff Finder,, and many more. With one search of “virtual assistant companies,” Google will provide you with a list of what is available to you.

How much is a VA from the Philippines?

Most Filipino virtual assistants work at hourly rates or on a monthly basis (for full-time work). For hourly rates, entry-level VA usually starts between ₱400 ($7 USD) to ₱550 ($10 USD) hourly rate, and you can pay them as low as $800 USD a month for full time work. (For year 2021 survey)

How to pay virtual assistant in the Philippines?

The most common payment methods for paying your Filipino VAs are Paypal, Xoom, Wise (formerly Transferwise), and Payoneer.


Read what clients have to say

Kath has worked for me as a Virtual Assistant over the years and is an important and valued member of our team. She supports all aspects of my online business and is a super fast learner. Kath took no time to master all the software programs including my CRM and membership site. She's always willing to jump in and get things done quickly and will go above and beyond to find solutions to anything she's not sure about. She has an outstanding work ethic and I know I can always count on her to get things done.
Cass Dunn
Clinical Psychologist, Coach, author of the Crappy to happy books and C2H Podcast
Kath is a pleasure to work with, always friendly and bubbly. She is always willing to try her hand at any tasks sent her way, and learn new skills where needed. She is a great communicator - asking questions when she isn't sure and staying in contact about her work progress. Wonderful support for any business looking for a VA.
Mel Donnelly
Online Business Manager

Get in touch

We can analyze where we can best help the same time as taking the stress from your workload. As your business grows, let us take over some of your tasks so you can focus more on building your business.

If you want to hire Filipino virtual assistants, please get in touch! Just simply book a call with us or email us at and we will respond as soon as we can.

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