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SEO CASE STUDY: Taking a Veteran Coaching Site from 0 to 4-digit monthly visitors

SEO Case study for Just4veterans

Ever wonder if a website that has been sitting with no visitors for months could suddenly break out and get four-digit monthly averages?

Join us on this intriguing journey as we unveil the secrets behind this transformation.

About the Case study site

Just4Veterans is a caring organization dedicated to guiding military veterans in navigating the complex claims filing process through coaching, allowing them to access the full range of veterans’ benefits.

Getting around the complexities of this tough niche came with its own problems: the target audience was limited, and there are a lot of legalities that we need to consider to avoid legal problems in the future.

Upon onboarding, the website is empty, explaining its dormant traffic status.

Despite manual leads and social media traction, having a website is another advantage for enhancing your online presence. It also serves as a digital storefront that is always accessible to potential customers.

The Nitty-Gritty Process: Redeveloping for Optimization

Phase 1: Gathering Data

Despite the website’s existence, we decided to start over. Why?

Because a solid foundation is important, we wanted to ensure that the site’s look and feel, the language used, and the overall message resonated perfectly with the mission, vision, and core values of the business.

Our mission is to reach the right audience.

So, we delved into a comprehensive study of the company.

We had conversations about their brand, services, delivery processes, and post-sales support. But we didn’t stop there.

We also looked into their competition to help us find our way through this tough niche.


Because knowing the whole landscape is what helps us do well with ranking the website. In this case, knowing not only the person but also the whole field is the first step to success.

Phase 2: Planning and testing

Now that we’ve laid the groundwork, it’s time to dive into the nitty-gritty of planning and setting up Just4Veterans for success.

1. Keyword Strategy:

Conducting extensive keyword research was the initial step. We categorized keywords, mapping them to relevant pages. Given the site’s freshness, we focused on low-competition keywords. This choice was made on purpose to help the site move up in the search engine results faster, making it more visible and, more importantly, making it easier for veterans who need Just4Veterans’ services to get in touch with them more quickly. This method not only makes the site easier to find, but it also makes sure that it gets to its target audience quickly.

2. Page Planning and Prioritization:

We identified crucial pages like the homepage, lead page, and about page, and we crafted detailed content outlines before creating the actual copy. This approach ensured that each page served a specific purpose in line with our SEO goals.

3. Site Architecture & Internal Linking:

Setting up a well-structured website that is good for both the audience and the search engine is very important. Search engines and users both gain from a structure that is well linked. It makes it easy for users to move around your website and makes sure that search engine crawlers can get to every part of it.

4. Crafting Meta Tags:

We crafted meta tags to improve clicks from the search engine results page (SERP). Even though Google doesn’t directly use optimized meta tags like meta descriptions and meta titles, they do play a significant role in raising click-through rates, which in turn raises website traffic, a crucial component of SEO success.

5. Image Optimization:

We made sure that the images being uploaded were relevant and, of course, lightweight (less than 100 kb) to improve the page speed. We also planned out the titles and captions by describing the images to enhance accessibility and make them available on the Image Search engine.

A pro tip: Don’t underestimate the power of image file names—keep them descriptive and keyword-rich for optimal results.

Phase 3: Site Launch and Link Building

With the strategic plan and content outlines in hand, we transitioned from the staging site to the live site. The staging site ensures a smooth launch, minimizing the chance of bugs or issues surfacing.

Once the informative blogs were live, we kicked off the link-building campaign. In this challenging niche, where relevant external sites are limited, we adopted a multi-angle approach. For instance, focusing on finance blogs strengthens our authority by showing the financial implications of the services for military veterans. Similarly, targeting health blogs emphasizes the health-related aspects, making our link-building strategy versatile.

Phase 4: Rinse and Repeat

The key to sustained success lies in continuous improvement. We applied, tested, and iterated strategies based on their performance. Post-site launch, our focus remained on content refinement and ongoing link building. Staying attuned to industry trends, we closely monitored competitors, adopting successful strategies and adapting them to our unique context.

But we also take into consideration how search engine algorithms are always changing so that we don’t get penalized in the future.

Search engines are always making changes to their algorithms, so we are keeping a close eye on changes to algorithms, knowing what they mean, and quickly changing how we do things to keep speed at its best.

Our promise to keep up with changes to search engines’ algorithms shows how committed we are to long-term SEO success for Just4Veterans.

The Result: A Swift Transformation

Within a month of the site launch, traffic surged. The subsequent month witnessed tangible outcomes, with leads and booked calls pouring in. This case study showcases not just a website’s journey from oblivion to prominence but a testament to the power of strategic SEO in unlocking a site’s true potential.

Ready to transform your site into a lead-generating powerhouse through SEO? Book a call with us today!

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