Top 10 Essential Skills of an SEO Expert

Being an SEO expert is not quite an easy task, it is quite a daunting experience when you are not aware with every bits and pieces of SEO. 

When dealing or whenever we enunciate being an expert the very core, needless to say, or the very fundamentals of being an expert is learning the basics. The following are the list of skills that you will require to be a full-blown SEO professional.

Please take note however that the requirements of being an SEO expert might be subjective. These are my sole opinion and would be extremely helpful when performing the task.

1. Logical Thinking

One of the fundamentals of performing this task is to provide extremities when it comes to logical thinking.  

Optimizing a site requires reading patterns, understanding your competition and optimizing your website for a direct and accessible tool. 

2. The “can-do” attitude

As I have mentioned, the skills of an SEO expert is a subjective phase. Having a  can-do attitude is for myself necessary. Perhaps my definition is wrong but a person with a “can-do” attitude is a great optimist.

Optimism is perhaps the master key of all successful business, not entirely saying that pessimism is a bad thing as you will need to seldom look at the darker side of life, but it is important to fully grasp the idea of optimizing something.

3. Effective communication skills

There are four types of communicating effectively, namely, these are listening, reading, writing and talking. 

Bear in mind, that site optimization is a client-based business and we need to expand our communique and authorship in this manner.

4. Broad analytical skills

It is with no doubt that analytical skills are needed when it comes to being an SEO professional. It is a requirement to analyse website traffics, reading content data, or how well and accurate the research is.

Not only do you need to practice analysing contents but of course, if you are indeed worthy of being an SEO expert then having some analytical skills will not hurt.

5. Mapping

Not literally delving to the term of cartography, but there is an ongoing similarity. On mapping, you will need the entire visualization of the area, knowing full well of its distances, directions and coordinates.

On being an SEO expert, one does not have to literally read a map or a coordinate, but you will need to know the exact location on where your content is headed to. Utilising your analytical skills to find fault and to understand the underlying issue, should an issue arise.

6. Treat small things like big things

If you are trying to be an SEO professional, then you will need to start out fresh, after all, no one ever started as an expert. So with this, you will need to treat the small things like big things. In my introduction of this article, I have mentioned that being an SEO expert is quite a daunting task, here you will need to appreciate even your minor success

8. Ultimate Research skills

Research is the core value of an SEO campaign. You will need thorough keywords and phrases. You will need profound expertise to look into every angle and to look at your contents on a different side of the scope. 

Being an SEO expert means that you will have to befriend Google and know its patterns and mood swings.

9. The Art of War

It is a dreadful battle out there, in a search for clients and knowledge, there is a world of fights and peace treatises. In the book by Sun Tzu, it is important to know the strategies of your enemy. 

In an SEO campaign, it is seldom the underlying issues that can cause the problem and you will need to prepare for it. Thus, you will need the Maps and coordinates.

10. Creativity

I would like to include this article with an amazing talk about creative writing in SEO from Rachel Blakely Gray, 

“A creative article captivates your readers, which can lead to higher marketing key performance indicators (KPIs)”


It is important to draw the conclusion that you will need creativity for optimization, especially in our line of business SEO contents requires not only the full extremities of your knowledge, but you will need to have the creativity to make it possible.

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