6 Cheap SEO tools for Freelancers and Startup Agencies

SEO is the key tool to boost site visibility, which increases the traffic to your website making your site easier to access and to be viewed.  

However, SEO comes with a price. Like literally, they are pricey, but to be honest it is worth your money. There are SEO tools such as AHREF that are worth $99 per month on an entry-level and for SEMRush tool that is worth $119. But these not so cheap SEO tools are worth your cash because they will give you full access to your website and your competitors’ performance. And these are extremely useful data when it comes to working on your campaign. 

And sure, you can always ask your client to buy an SEO subscription of their own but sometimes it doesn’t work. Clients mostly look for affordable SEO services and these tools are quite expensive.

And provided that Google Analytics and Google Search Console are free SEO tools, you cannot stick to using them since they do not provide many details, unlike paid SEO tools which show detailed information like monthly search volume of keywords, and what do you rank and where.

Why opt for paid SEO tools?

SEO is still SEO. You will need the appropriate tools if you will wage war against your competitors as paid SEO tools offer top-notch and well-detailed analytics. Therefore, the more expensive the SEO tool the better result you can have in search of ranking and optimizing your website.

So this begs the question, can you get cheap SEO tools to be more efficient with regards to providing SEO quality content? The good news is yes! Yet, bear in mind that the pricier the tool the better its capabilities, so you might expect some disadvantages on using them. 

So if you are on a tight budget, or just simply starting in the SEO career, here are some tools to startup your SEO journey.

Recommended low-cost SEO tools for your campaign

SE Ranking

It is a very affordable all-in-one SEO tool (next to Ubersuggest, I think!) that is commendable for its competitor research checker, keyword research, Site audit for Technical and On-page issues, Backlink Check, and a great alternative to Ahrefs, SEMRush, and Moz.

It costs as low as $31 per month. And it has a lot of features for such an affordable price. You might consider checking this tool for your SEO startup needs. 

Pros: Pretty easy to navigate and it can help you by having some step-by-step procedures and recommendations for handling your SEO campaign which are highly recommended for beginners.

Cons: The biggest issue I have with this tool is that it takes its time to load a single data. Also, the Backlink checker does not show the toxicity of each backlink, and sadly the API feature is only exclusive for expensive plans.

To know more about this tool you may check it here::


I can consider Labrika as a great alternative for SEObility and Page Optimizer Pro. What makes this tool affordable is that it has a free trial that won’t need you to add any payment method. Its starting price is as low as $19.

Pros: What makes this tool great for content optimization is that it has a content checker, a very helpful tool for SEO person / content writer. It could be a great alternative to SEMRush’s writing assistant. It also has plagiarism tool that allows you to avoid any copyright issues and to maintain your content’s originality.

Cons: The limitations I noticed in this tool is that some technical errors are not showing and you will be required to check them one by one to confirm the error. I also find its interface confusing like its site layout and navigation. 

To know more if it’s up to your budget you may check out their plans and pricing here:


A great alternative to Serpstat or Sistrix. It has all the basic functions that you may require plus you don’t need to sign up to get a hold of the tool’s main functionalities such as keyword tracking.

Pros: What makes this tool awesome is that it has a Lifetime subscription which is perfect for every SEO specialist that is on a tight budget (like me). If you’re hesitated to purchase this app right away, you can use it’s free Keyword tool / Domain Checker tool for you to experience its basic functionality.

Cons: The only issue that I have with this tool is its navigational capabilities. You are required to contrast or compare, to each data opening multiple tabs in the process which drops efficiency. 

You may try it yourself by visiting their main site:



NeuralText is another AI-based copywriting tool and content optimization tool that saves you a lot of time when doing one of the most time-consuming tasks but an effective strategy – copywriting / content writing. 

Pros: Unlike other tools, this tool has keyword research as part of its feature.  Comparable to other AI writing tools such as Surfer SEO,, and

Cons: More like UX/UI issues. This tool is relatively new, therefore its functionalities are not up to par as the other cheap SEO tools from this list. I also encountered some minor issues on saving data as the tool removes the data that you are intending to save. If you want to use this tool for articles and blogs best be safe to save them and keep an offline copy.

You may check its plans and pricing at


It is a perfect alternative to Yoast as it contains many unique features. One of them is Deep GSC console integration, AMP, 404 monitor, and other options for schema generators compared to its other competitors. 

Pros: The free version itself boasts a lot of features and you won’t be forced to spend a dime not unless you rely on the actual tool.

Cons: This is for me, a fantastic tool, and I have no actual issues with this. It is cheap, therefore affordable although I have read some reviews that this tool is a little bit over-engineered. But you can try it out.

You may check its pricing here:

Hacks to get other affordable SEO tools

Some apps offer lifetime deals with great discounts for startup tools. You may find great deals in AppSumo and Stacksocial. You may look them up and find the best start-up tool on the online market at a very cheap price.

Yet, standard and popular SEO tools such as Ahrefs, Moz, and SEMRush are still the best as they provide quality results and detailed analysis reports. So, I would recommend still that you invest in these tools if you can afford them or if you are lucky enough to have a client that is willing to pay so you can use them. 

These suggestions will be the best especially if you are on a tight budget and can’t afford standard but expensive SEO tools. You can have a check and try them out, and perhaps one of these tools will suit your SEO needs.

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