6 reasons why it is best to hire Filipino Virtual Assistants

In recent years, Filipinos are being hired as virtual assistants providing aid to companies run administrative tasks. Filipino virtual assistants are one of the fastest growing workforce sectors in the virtual world. The demand for them is high – and it’s a booming market. Hiring a Filipino virtual assistant is a proven method of increasing efficiency and productivity when it comes to running a business.

But it begs the question, “Why hire Filipino virtual assistants?”. The answer is, not only do Filipino virtual assistants are reliable and cost-efficient, they have every characteristic that you will expect from a Filipino. And here I would like to discuss that hiring a Filipino Virtual assistant is one of the best ideas for your business.

Advantages of Hiring Filipino Virtual Assistant

1. They have plenty of experience when it comes to outsourcing

One of the primary sources of employment in the Philippines, besides online assistant,  is Business Process Outsourcing, or otherwise known as BPO. It is a client-based employment that provides quality customer support service to a certain corporate. So if you hire a Filipino Virtual assistant, there is a huge chance that they even worked in the BPO industry. With this reason they have no issues in adjusting to your timezone and know the importance of the client’s request. 

2. They are committed in their work 

When you provide a project to a Filipino virtual assistant, rest assured that they will do their best to meet your needs. They have keen attention to details that allows them to provide full execution of efficiency on the task that you require of them. 

They do not generally ask questions not unless you want them to speak out their opinions. They will just commit to the task, and the best thing that you can do is provide direct instructions on what you want done. Rest assured that they will do it, and will do it with utmost satisfaction.

3. Filipinos speak English like it is second nature

There are many reasons why many western countries visit the Philippines. Not only does it have many jaw dropping sceneries, but communication is never really a problem. Every sign in the Philippines is written in English, and all degrees in the Philippines are solely taught in English (from preschool up until college or university level).

Amongst all the Asian countries, the Philippines has the closest roots in the American educational system. Most of them love western movies and have neutral accents that are not off-putting and can be easily understood. Most of them even have the tendency to speak in an American accent. So the good news? Communicating with your future Filipino Virtual assistants will not be a difficult task, saving you time and effort.

4. They are cost-efficient

Now that you know that they can save you time and effort, and you also know that they are not new to outsourcing. Now you might be thinking on why not hire someone offshore? There would be no problem with this, in fact communication would not be a problem. However, let us face the facts, the reason why many foreign companies or small-time entrepreneurs hire Filipino virtual assistants is because of the low labor cost. 

You could get an entry-level Filipino Virtual assistant for as low as $6 per hour $12 hourly rate for onshore Virtual Assistant. You also save from paying employee taxes and other associated costs. 

It is worth considering though that even though it is highly economical to hire Filipino virtual assistants, it is noteworthy that most of them sought some benefits. After all, most of them has families to take care of and it is only fair that they can have some form of benefits, like Vacation leaves or perhaps a bonus if possible. Consider as well, on how they live and consider that they have bills to pay. $5/hour is fine, but be magnanimous if possible. After all, having a Filipino Virtual Assistant in your payroll is worth considering provided that they have appropriate skills to accomplish the task that you are requiring. And most of all, they can do more than just what is written in their job description. *winks*

5. Filipinos are loyal to their employers, as well as their clients

As per the second statement, Filipinos value hard work and trust me they are happy to have a job. They will do their best to satisfy your needs and will commit to it 100%. Providing this reason, you can be assured that they will maintain loyalty and honesty to you. They will value your feedback and will use it to help you further.

They can maintain employment for years as long as you treat them well. Filipinos have this principle of “debt of gratitude” making them loyal to someone who has done them a favor, even if it is just for one instance.

6. They are fun in the workplace

It is a common trait for a Filipino to have a positive disposition in life. Surprisingly, they look for the fun in everything, whether it be a natural calamity or even personal tragedy they make sure to face it with a smile. And their positive output can even be contagious and trust me, you are not immune to it. It will rub off on you, and you may even adapt their positive outlook in life.

It just makes sense

Let me break it down to a conclusion. First and most importantly you can get a virtual assistant that speaks your language and can follow instructions. Second, you get to save up a cost since their services are lower compared to other virtual assistants in other countries. Third, you will get exemplary performance that is worth every penny. And fourth, and once again they are not new to this. Since they have a background on outsourcing, they know how to handle clients, and they will ensure that they will deliver.

Remember that Filipinos are a hardworking bunch, there are many instances that businesses achieve success over the years if you hire Filipino virtual assistants to perform other administrative tasks. And what I mentioned above are just 7 of their redeeming qualities, you will get to know more about them as you venture along with your business. Most of them are incredibly resourceful, has a keen attention to detail, and is craving for success.

Require a committed marketing virtual assistant? Look no further. Reserve your Discovery Call today, and let’s explore how we can collaborate.

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